Kevin Hoffberg

Running Towards Open Spaces

Marketer, Consultant, Author, Speaker, Citizen Farmer, Serial Reinventor 



I have spent a major portion of my life reinventing myself . . . and helping my clients, friends, and colleagues do the same. Since 1980 I have started something like a dozen companies, sold one, closed a few, consulted with some of the best known companies in the world, worked as a senior executive, renovated houses, become a farmer . . . you get the idea.

Presently I have feet in many worlds.  I am proud to serve on both for-profit and non-profit boards.  I occasionally consult with companies on strategy and decision-making.  I write. I renovate houses. I sometimes make bee hives. And yes, I farm.



Since 2002 I have published numerous websites and blogs devoted to decision making, motorcycle riding, farming, and my own ruminations. Looking back I can see plainly that while a lot of it has been for commercial purposes, a whole lot more has been me working out in writing (and photos) my own journey and quest to figure out what the heck I'm doing here and why.

This latest version is a greatest hits (with space for more to come) where I'm attempting to pull the major themes and ideas from all those journeys together in one place.