I started this website back in 2002, not very long after the events of 9.11 (was there for that). I felt like I needed a place to process my thoughts, and for some dopey reason I felt like the world should have the opportunity to watch me do that.  Weird, I know.  

Over the passing years I spilled a lot of words exploring topics as diverse as art, culture, decision-making, motorcycle riding, leadership, parenting . . . a truly eclectic mix. Looking back I can find transcendent themes but equally recognize I might be kidding myself.  

Recently I pulled together what I thought were some of the best of my essays and stuck them here.  They're cataloged roughly in chronological order.

If you're reading this paragraph, it's because you took some effort to find me.  So, thank you for doing that.  I hope you find something worth your time and attention to hold you here.

You can read elsewhere about my business accomplishments.  You'll find little of my business-specific writing here.  As was true in 2002, this site exists for some larger purpose.  Someday I may even figure out what that is.  In the meantime, enjoy your time here.  Let me know if you find something that speaks to you.